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One of the world’s most advanced and educated countries, Japan, is an East Asian archipelago country. It consists of four primary and more than 6,800 other islands. Japan is famous all over the world for its traditional arts, including flower arrangement, calligraphy, and tea ceremony. The country has a heritage of poetry, sculpture, and distinctive gardens. Japan is a place to more than twelve UNESCO World Heritage sites and is the country of sushi, one of its most well-known foods.

Japan is full of charms worth visiting, ranging from Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples, gardens, and castles. Mount Fuji is one of Japan’s most famous tourist attractions. Further, tourists can enjoy seeing the majestic climax and can also benefit from a stopover at the popular Hakone resort. This excursion can also include a boat cruise on Lake Ashi.

Japan is one of the most engaging destinations on earth for many visitors from other parts of the planet. Anyone wishing to visit the “land of the rising sun” will find many activities that can be done in the countryside and cities.