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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, consisting of Northern Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland, is an island country in northwestern Europe. The largest and its capital is London, which is a truly global city, unlike any other. Further, many other different cities of the country have much to offer. To get its vast diversity, compare the brood in Edinburgh and genteel Oxford, the Manchester thrill, sporty Cardiff, musical Liverpool, the newly growing Belfast, or the Birmingham cultural melting pot.

London is the usual gate, and St. Paul’s Cathedral and Tower of London are definite highlights. Bath is the second most toured city in the United Kingdom and is a scarce city built of quarry stone. You can see the white slopes of Dover at their best from the sea, but Kent is known as the “England Garden” for a good reason: the rolling countryside and beautiful villages are shaped to aptness

You can walk the steps of the giants of Antrim to immerse yourself in the Celtic culture of Eisteddfod. Further, you can hit the streets of English urban jungle, climb, snowboard, or dream of drinking tea with the Queen. Here is something for one and all in the United Kingdom!